New Tesco Meat Free Range

This month has seen he launch a the new Tesco meat free range is stores across the country and I have been tasked with the super hard job of testing out the new items (my life is so unbearable at times).

I am a huge fan of meat free eating and have purchased from the existing Tesco meat free range many times before (I can never get my homemade burgers to taste as good as their spicy bean ones) so I was very excited about seeing what was new in store.

New Tesco Meat Free Range

My top 3 picks from the new Tesco meat free range are

1. Thai Green Curry Bakes

There are my hands down favourite product in the entire Tesco meat free range.  So much so I have given them their own post!New Tesco Meat Free Range

2. Aubergine Pepper and Pasta Melts

These are nothing like the product description would have you think.  There is no overwhelming aubergine taste at all, and the pasta mentioned is small and Orzo like. That said they are DELICIOUS. Perfect on a bed of rocket and balsamic vinegar for a simple lunch or dinner time treat.

3. Tesco Meat Free Spanish Tortilla

This take on the Spanish omelette is such a moorish dish. It’s a rustic looking product that could quiet easily be passed off as homemade.

The full list of products in the new Tesco meat free range can be found here.

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