I love spending time in the kitchen cooking for the family. It’s my happy place and, even though I am a throughly modern woman, I do love being the one who cooks and cares for the family.

But even the most loving, nurturing people amongst us need a helping hand at times.  Work is getting busier (never a bad thing) and the girls social lives are starting to rival my own, so, from time to time, dinner needs to be a quick fix.  I not quite ready to throw in the towel and chuck a couple of plastic tubs in the microwave just yet, but having a few emergency meals in the freezer is not always a bad thing.

One such meal is Green Thai Vegetable Bakes served on a

bed of couscous salad. These Tesco Green Thai Vegetable Bakes are amazing! So tasty, with just the right amount of spice.  You could easily pass them off as homemade and, since they cook straight from frozen, they can be there for you when there is no time left to cook anything from scratch.20140409-175317.jpg

Green Thai Vegetable Bakes, served on a bed of couscous and romaine lettuce.

Takes 25 minutes to make, and the first 15 minutes of that is just cooking the bakes in the oven so you can be elsewhere for a bit – the perfect quick fix dinner.



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