Being Five is a huge deal.  It marks the start of being a ‘big girl’. Gone is Peppa Pig, in is Monster High.  No more holding hands into school, just dump the bags on Mum (no longer Mummy) and run.  Times are changing at Essex HQ and I’m not really quite sure if I am ready for it.

Everything now has to be suitable for ‘big girls’. No hint of babyishness (is that even a word?) allowed at all.  Currently the big hits for my grown up girl are…


1. Her Trunki BoostApak - Sitting on a booster seat is the epitome of being a big girl as far as Scarlett is concerned. Giving up her car seat to a friend and sitting on her Trunki BoostApak (that so cleverly doubles up as a back pack) is a treat for my little lady.  This gadget was invaluable when we were in NYC, I will certainly be investing in one for O too when she is older.

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2. An Electric Tooth Brush – Scarlett received so many gifts for her birthday I think it will take until she is 6 to write all the thank you cards.  Spoilt with Lego and Barbies, vouchers and money you would think something more exotic than an electric toothbrush would have been named ‘present of the year’ by my new 5 year old wouldn’t you?



This is no ordinary toothbrush though, it’s a Philips Sonicare for Kids. Designed specifically for children aged 4-10  it has an ergonomic handle (with fab stickers to design it with) that fits easily in a small hand, and an innovative ‘KidTimer’ function to help ease into a proper brushing routine. It had fun sounds and lights to help children reach the dentist-recommended two-minute brushing time and fab musical sounds to indicate when it’s time to move to another section of the mouth to help encourage a full-mouth clean. She would brush her teeth 6 times a day now if she could.




3. Playing Outside Alone – Only in the back garden and only when I am in the kitchen watching, but nevertheless this is big news.  Her favourite game at the moment to play out there, I am very pleased to say, is just proper old school childhood fun. She was sent a wonderful outdoor chalk design set from Ravensburger  just after her birthday (suitable for age 5+ much to her delight) and has been redesigning my garden ever since.



This supersize Ravensburger Mandala designer kit is fab for a sunny day (it’s also been used by us on not so sunny days, but there were a few tears when the rain washed away our designs).  I was amazed by how easily Scarlett picked up the idea of this kit and how many hours of fun it has provided.  The concept is pretty simple; put stencil on the ground, choose your chalk and start designing, but it really has been a source endless entertainment for her. A great little gift.


As much as I cannot believe how quick the years are passing, and how fast my first-born is growing, I really am so excited for the years ahead.  Yes we may have to pass through some stormy waters along the way (if they have even half the drama I did in my teens I will have a full head of grey hair by 40) but with two daughters I have lifelong best friends.  Spa days, lunches out, wedding dress shopping, grandma duties….they will all be here before I know it.  

I love my babies to the moon and back, but I really am excited to see the gown-ups they become.

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One Thought on “Being Five…

  1. Esther H on March 25, 2014 at 9:57 pm said:

    I feel guilty about how excited I am for my boys to grow up if I allow to think about it too much. I’m so intrigued to see what life has in store and what the boys will throw at us. It is so exciting! I will be devastated when they stop calling me Mummy…I so love it! x

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