It may be raining outside but there is no reason why we cannot #freethejoy and spread a little happiness about the place.

What brings me joy? Where do I start? I guess the top 5 things that bring me joy are

  1. My beautiful family
  2. My amazing friends
  3. Watching Leyton Orient win a game
  4. Laughing like I don’t think I will ever stop
  5. Chocolate! Lots and lots of chocolate.

It’s funny how chocolate can change your mood so drastically isn’t it?

Cadbury Dairy Milk #freethejoy

James Corden, the wonderful man who is always game for a laugh, has been up to his old tricks, creating a storm and spreading the joy with his hilarious new #freethejoy video.

Never one to miss a great opportunity to#freethejoy and make my wonderful readers smile, I am giving you lovely lot a chance to watch James perform this ultimate lip-sync video to Estelle’s Free through the streets of London right here. James, helped by members of the great British public and a little bit of Cadbury Dairy Milk magic, this song and dance extravaganza is a sure-fire way to banish away those winter blues and drag ourselves smiling towards the spring and summer.

Some people may call him crazy, but nothing is going to stop James Corden’s efforts to #freethejoy are they? Somebody get that boy a bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk.

Disclaimer - This post has been sponsored by Cadburys Dairy Milk, but all thoughts and views expressed are our own.

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One Thought on “Sponsored Video – Cadbury Dairy Milk #freethejoy

  1. Katy from Modern Mummy on February 20, 2014 at 8:37 pm said:

    Hahahaha I hadn’t seen this! Bloody love James Corden!! And now I’m craving Dairy Milk….. thanks for that ;)

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