I have been talking a lot recently about redecorating my house. We are slowly, but finally, turning our blank canvas into the forever home we envisaged it to be when we bought it.

My main issue when it comes to work on the home, aside from the money it costs, is the time it takes to plan and arrange all of the various tradesmen I may need. I’m too impatient for all that, plus, lets face it, it’s boring!

I have no time for talking about what mouldings would work in the lounge or the pro and cons that come with the Grundfos Alpha heating pump in the bathroom. I want action, not words. I want to see the end results about an hour after I have decided what those results will be.

So this week, on a whim, I ripped up the carpet in the downstairs toilet and started to lay some tiles. The Essex Husband thought I had gone mad, Scarlett found it hilarious that I was doing DIY in a dress and as for O, well she didn’t even really notice anything had changed.

I was a little apprehensive as to what the end result would be, but armed with YouTube and an unshakable self-confidence, I got down to business.


I’m quite proud of the end result.

So much so that I headed off to Homebase yesterday and purchased the flooring I would need to redo the hallway and both upstairs bathrooms…

Maybe there is a new career in the making?

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