When we bought our house 5 years ago I don’t think we fully appreciated that it had the potential to be our forever home. The one our children would become adults in, the one where milestone and anniversary will be celebrated, the one where my grandchildren may take their first steps.

We are very lucky to have been able to buy when we did, where we did. The house was newly built when we moved in, and now, 5 years later, it all needs a little touch -up and tidy.

The lounge is a such a central room in aour house. A place that must suit the needs of a young family, but a room that, after 7pm, I want to be a warm, inviting, grown-up area for my husband and I to relax in.

When I started planning my new lounge I realised it needed a focus, a feature, something that ties it all together. It needed a fireplace. Being a new build we don’t have a chimney, so my dream of installing a wood burning stove may not be able to be fulfilled, but there are plenty of other fireplace feature options available to us.

Planning My New Lounge

The lounge I am planning has wooden floors (a necessity with young children), a large rug  in the seating area, a pine chest to which all the toys will be banished at 6pm, a reading chair (complete with thick blankets to snuggle under), scented candles, photo frames, and rather a lot of cushions.  Planning My New Lounge

I love this I Wanna Hold Your Hand cushion from Tesco Direct (a steal at £6) and the Ikea chair comes highly recommended. Teamed with a set of vintage cases and my beloved pine chest I think I have the making of something special.

I love the planning stage of re-decorating. Full of dreams and aspirations. Then the real work begins, the mess arrives and I wish I had never started. Its all worth it in the end though. Isn’t it?

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