February half term is just around the corner which can only mean one thing…the Twiggles are awakening from their winter sleep and getting ready to welcome us all back into their amazing treetop village for 2014.

BeWilderwood Feb Half Term 2014

The Boggles are sprinkling a little Boggle magic on BeWilderwood Feb Half Term 2014 and they can’t wait for you to arrive! The warming bonfires are being re-lit and the party at the Curious Treehouse Adventure Park will begin once again . The ‘Boggle Wish Bonfire’ is the first weeklong event of the new 2014 season, it marks the start of a whole host of fun to be had between now and October!

BeWilderwood Feb Half Term 2014Later this week will be launching a giveaway for a family BeWilderwood Feb Half Term 2014 ticket for one lucky reader (so make sure you sign-up via email and follow us on twitter to not miss out) but if you can’t wait for that, then we have great news….

You can get 3for2 offers on tickets for BeWilderwood Feb Half Term 2014 and all throughout the year by signing up to the Twiggle Times newsletter.


We cannot wait for our BeWilderwood Feb Half Term 2014 visit – what a great way to spend the day.

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