Today we spent a few hours in the West End. This was my first taste of Chinese New Year in London.

Chinese New Year In London 2014

As we emerged from Leicester Square tube station into a sea of people, it was clear to see we were in for an interesting day. Within a few steps we had been handed badges, lanterns and balloons. The girls were loving all the noise and colour, and I was loving the celebration of it all.

A short walk to Chinatown and we were immersed into party time. Lanterns lined the street and the sound of firecrackers filled the air.

20140202-190518.jpg20140202-190532.jpgMost restaurants had street food stalls set up outside. Having been to China in 2007 the addition of street food made this London experience feel all the more authentic. The girls, no stranger to trying new things, dived straight into the food and both discovered a love for chicken skewers and pancake rolls.

There was a first for me as well today. Fortune Cookies.

Not being a fan of Chinese food, especially the greasy take away variety, means that my fortune cookies connections are few and far between.

20140202-190544.jpgThe excitement as we open our packets, waiting to find out for fortune, was amazing. Scarlett has taken her very seriously, and is extremely excited about 8pm tomorrow night when a wonderful surprise should take place. O has been promised success in all she attempts next Monday, so hopefully that will be the day we crack potty training!

The crowds in Trafalger Square were to large for us to attempt watching any of the performances as we had the buggy with us, next year however I will be finding us a spot at the top of St Martin In The Fields steps from which to take in all the splendor.

Gung Hay Fat Choy everybody – Welcome to the year of the Horse.






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