So the first 31 days of our #NYNYStyleProject are almost over. It has been an amazing debut month for us. Thousands of tweets and pictures from all over the world. We couldn’t have asked for a better launch.

There have been some amazing photos shared, such inspiring fashion and style on show.

Big thanks to everyone who has been joining in – here are some of my favorites for January.

#nynystyleproject round up

February’s prompts are exciting me greatly. Country Style, Very Berry and Boots…..three of my favorites right there!

#NYNYStyleProject February Prompts


There is now a #NYNYStyleProject Pinterest Board showcasing the very best #NYNYStyleProject photos each day also inspiration for each daily prompt to help you along the way.

Remember, you don’t have to take part everyday, and you certainly don’t need to be spending a fortune on new things.  This is our way of trying to encourage people to fall back in love with the clothes they already have, and to go back to their teenage years, swapping with friends and sharing the love. Raid your best friends wardrobe, borrow her lipstick and lend her your shoes. Together, thanks to the #NYNYStyleProject, we can all inspire each other.

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