With January rapidly coming to a close its time for us to announce the #NYNYStyleProject February Prompts.

Myself and Katy cannot not even begin to put into words how pleased, proud and in awe of how well received our #NYNYStyleProject has been.

A quick look at the #NYNYStyleProject hashtag on Twitter and IG will reveal thousand, yes THOUSANDS, of pictures and tweets supporting the project from all over the world. AMAZING!

So, without further ado, here are the #NYNYStyleProject February Prompts…..we can’t wait to see how you all interpret them.

#NYNYStyleProject February Prompts

Remember, you don’t need to join in everyday (unless you want to of course, then that would be awesome). You can just dip in and out showing off your style whenever you so wish.  Simply take a picture and share it on social media with the #NYNYStyleProject hashtag.

Honestly cannot wait to see you all joining in. Enjoy!

New Year New You Style Project #NYNYStyleProject  - full info.


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One Thought on “#NYNYStyleProject February Prompts

  1. Lauren on January 24, 2014 at 2:19 pm said:

    I love these prompts. Looking forward to joining in again x

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