In four months I turn 30. Now, as if that wasn’t scary enough on its own, I am celebrating this milestone on a long weekend in Ibiza with my girlfriends, which can only mean one thing…..BIKINIS.

There is nothing that fills me with more post-baby dread than showing my midriff. Its time to get serious and sort my life out. It’s time to get in shape.

My over all goal is to lose 2 and a 1/2 stone and return to my size 10 clothes. This will not happen overnight (how nice would it be if it could??) but with a solid plan, and a whole lot of will power, I will get there.

I’m hoping by doing this series of The Fitness Diaries I will be able to see my achieves and keep myself motivated and on track.. I also hope that they will be a source of inspiration and advice for others who are starting out on this journey too. Strength in numbers are they say.

The Fitness Diaries – My Starting Statistics

Weight – 12st 6lbs

Dress Size – 14 (that hurts to write down – pre babies I was a 6/8)

Fitness Diary Week 1

The Fitness Diaries, Aged 29 & 1/2 – Week 1 Plan

I’m starting small.  A green smoothie every morning for breakfast, drinking my 2 litres of water and going for a half hour walk everyday.

I’m hoping these small changes will help motivate me to make bigger ones.  I am planning to build on these changes each week – little and often – until I have the healthy lifestyle I desire.

I will be back next Wednesday to update the fitness diaries and let you know how I am getting one – oh and hopefully to report a little weightless and a lot of happiness.

Wish me luck!

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One Thought on “The Fitness Diaries, Aged 29 & 1/2 – Week 1

  1. Kate AG on January 22, 2014 at 8:49 am said:

    Good luck lovely!! I’m with you, not quite sure what I’m doing but I want to be fit and healthy (and hot) for my 33rd *cough*

    You can do it!! x

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