We are now 22 days into 2014 and, thanks to the awesome help of the New Year, New You Style Project (#NYNYStyleProject), I am slowly getting back into my style and fashion grove.
Pre-babies I was a PE teacher, so my weekly uniform consisted of sports clothes and trainers, and then weekends I would either be hungover in my PJs or dressed up to go out with the girls.
Now six years later, and 3 stone heavier, I need to find a whole new way to dress.
My days are spent on school runs, work meetings, coffee breaks and play dates.  I needed to find clothes that can seamlessly transition from ‘Mum’ to ‘Professional’, all the while remaining suitable enough for the rural/muddy existence I am now living.
After spending many, many, hours scouring fashion blogs and Pinterest, plus looking at all the amazing style ideas on the #NYNYStyleProject hashtag, I have realised I’m a fan of the relaxed, county chic style. Think Barbour womans waxed jackets, crisp white shirt, skinny jeans and brown Timberland boots. Simple yet stylish.
I am also a huge fan of the dress, tights and boots ensemble. Feminine yet fuss free. This is my go-to style most days.
Picture 10
It’s a long way from where I came. This former towine is very much a country mouse these days.  But do you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.
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