I don’t know about you, but where I live you cannot move for runners at the moment.  They are everywhere, spreading like ants, as I  walk, chocolate bar in hand, into town everyday.  Talk about a guilt trip!
For me it’s just too cold, not to mention wet, out there right now for me to even contemplate getting out my pasty pins and grabbing a water-bottle ready to pound the streets each morning.  No, I’m more of a fan of the indoor exercise this time of year.

January Fitness Tips – Indoor Exercise

Being a PE teacher in my pre-children life I have a whole host of great ideas and exercises in my mind I could do, I just sadly lack the enthusiasm to execute these ideas on any regular basis. This year though will be different.  Thanks to my grand plans of how to stick to new years resolutions, I will be adding a new exercise to my repertoire every week in a bid to keep me on track and motivated.  Little and often – that’s my new motto.
If paying £50+ a month in gym memberships doesn’t float your boat then there is plenty you can do with the little space you may have at home.
Workout DVDs prove to be very popular with some people, almost like having a fitness class ready and waiting in the front room when you get home from work.  You may need to experiment to find the right one that suits you, both in terms of exercise level and voice of the presenter (there is one high-profile TV personality whose DVD makes me want to rip off my arm just to have something to throw at the TV), but I always recommend borrowing them from your local library until you find the right one to go out and buy.
Working out at home without a DVD can be just as successful.  There are many great books, including The Fitness Plan by Matt Roberts (or anything by him, he is a fitness guru), that can steer you in the right direction when it comes to personalising your January fitness tips and plans.  With just a few bits of equipment, for a starter pack I would suggest hand weights, a stability ball, a roll-up mat, resistance bands and, if you have the space, an affordable trampoline to help you get fit at home while having fun, you could design four 30-minute workouts to complete each week without even having to go outside.
If you are feeling adventurous though, and would be up for leaving the house, then swimming at your local council run pool is a good place to start. Each day there will be water time set aside for adult only lane swimming, meaning you wont have to dodge round the 15 year olds heavy petting while trying to get your 30 minutes exercise for that day.  I’m always a little self-conscious when it comes to getting in the pool (my mum-tum has knocked my confidence somewhat) but thanks to Zoggs great range of womens swimwear and accessories I am now confident to take the plunge, literally.
New Feature!!! 
Next week I will be launching a brand new feature – The Fitness Diaries – full of hints and tips that I am using to make 2014 the year I get healthy and in shape for good.
This will not be about diets of fitness fads – this will be purely about how I make healthy and positive living my way of life.
Make sure you check back next Wednesday to find out more.
Post in partnership with TJ Hughes – all views, and tips, however are my own.
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