After starting 2014 in my other favourite city, NYC, it was good to get my feet back on home soil last week. One of the joys that my job brings is I can do it anywhere. Yes, it may not be conducive to the perfect work-life balance to work when I’m away, but it is conducive to my bank balance. And a healthy bank balance means lots of holidays. So there is a method in my madness somewhere.

While I was away I received an invite to One Canada Square Restaurant in London’s iconic Canary Wharf for the Saturday after my homecoming. What more perfect way to get back into London life than Brunch with two of my besties, Ruth and Katy, and a whole host of other amazing twitter folk in the heart of the city. Naturally my answer was yes.

Essex And The City – Friday 22nd January 2014

20140116-200513.jpg20140116-200532.jpgSituated in the impressive One Canada Square skyscraper, this very chic and modern restaurant was just the dose of Britishness I needed after a week of being called Ma’am. I *may* have drunk a little more than is acceptable for a 10am start but their Bloody Marys, especially the Beetroot & Raspberry Mary, were a little to good to turn down.20140116-200501.jpg

After more food than I could eat, I highly recommend the Eggs Benedict or Blueberry buttermilk pancakes, I headed back to the tube and home to Essex. Full, tipsy and feeling like Dorothy. There really is no place like home.


The rest of my week has been spent getting back to normality. A conveyer-belt of washing, ironing, PTA meetings and school runs (oh and my little appearance on BBC Essex - that was exciting) have made my holiday seem like a million years ago…..always the way though isn’t it?


Maybe a good excuse to go and book myself another! Where next? any suggestions?


Essex And The City is a weekly feature from so be sure to check back next Friday for more exciting tales from Essex HQ


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