Being a coffee lover like I am its no surprise that a Liqueur coffee is up there is one of my favorite after dinner treats. This non-alcoholic Baileys Coffee version is perfect for those pesky nights you find yourself nominated driver for the evening.

Non Alcoholic Baileys Coffee

To make 4 servings of non-alcoholic Baileys Coffee you will d

  • 8 tsp of Light Muscovado or Golden Granulated Sugar
  • 800ml freshly-made coffee, by whichever method you prefer
  • 150ml Baileys dessert cream*

1. Warm 4 glasses (about 250ml size) by filling them with hot water, then draining and drying off.

2. Fill each glass with approximately 200ml fresh hot coffee and 2 teaspoons of sugar.

3. Swirl to dissolve the sugar and then slowly pour the Baileys cream into each glass over the back of a teaspoon, so that it floats – do not stir it again.

4. Sit back and enjoy your Non Alcoholic Baileys Coffee

Non Alcoholic Baileys Coffee

*Ingredients: Double Cream, Sugar, BAILEYS® Original Irish Cream Liqueur (6%), Alcohol. Contains Milk – So there is a hint of alcohol involved but its minimal.

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2 Thoughts on “Non Alcoholic Baileys Coffee

  1. Nice recipe but Baileys is actually 17% alcohol, so it’s far from alcohol free :)

    • AnEssexWife on January 11, 2014 at 4:27 pm said:

      I believe the dessert cream used is a lot lower than 17% though (otherwise you wouldn’t be able to have it and then drive – or buy it without ID) so thats why this is *almost* non alcoholic :-)

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