In town this week I made a quick trip to Marks And Spencer to exchange a dress for a smaller size (#winning) when I got sidetracked in the food hall and ended up with a basket full of stocking fillers.

I have always loved Mark and Spencer, full of great British charm with red busses and Union Jacks everywhere, it appeals to my patriotic side without a doubt. My kitchen shelves are full of repurposed M&S tins, and no home-based ‘date night’ would be complete without their dine in for £10 dinner. A great British shop for a Great British girl.

So when it comes to Christmas I always know it’s the one place I will find what I need…

Marks And Spencer Stocking Fillers

Tins of shortbread, perfect for Nans, Mums, Aunts (and Men with a sweet tooth of course). The recipient will appreciate that even after the goodies have long gone they have a beautiful tin the can use again and again. The gift that keeps on giving.

As they are currently on 3for2 I treated myself to the ‘free’ one and now have a nostalgic red phone box on my dresser.

Marks And Spencer Stocking Fillers Marks & Spencer Stocking Fillers

The best things that came home with me though were sprouts that ,for once , even I will eat. Marks and Spencer Chocolate Brussel Sprouts, GENIUS!!

So there we have it, amongst lots of other bits I bought, these were my favourite Marks And Spencer stocking fillers from my shopping this year.

What have you been buying this week? Any good bits that I have missed?20131211-232518.jpg

(oh and I haven’t been paid to write this, I just really LOVE Marks and Spencer! Yes, I’m turning into my Mother)

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