My girls are growing up faster than I could have ever imagined. School has seamed to accelerate the speed at which S is growing up ten-fold, and little O isn’t really so little anymore.

We decorated S’s bedroom over the summer, prior to the move to ‘big’ school, to make room for more books, a little desk and so that she had a more grown up space to called her own.

Before I knew it though November had arrived and Baby Essex was now two. My little O was growing up. She had long outgrown her cot, moving into a toddler bed at 10 months old, but now she seamed to be out growing her toddler bed too.

Why are my children in such a rush to grow up??

With December 25th around the corner, and the influx of new toys that it brings, I have been reorganising O’s room to accommodate the rather large puppet theatre she will be receiving from her Grandparents. As I started to rearrange the room I noticed, that will a little tweeting of the layout, I could actually fit a full size children’s single bed in there without having to lose too much floor space after all.

Both my girls have ‘dream bedrooms’ as far as I’m concerned, ones I would love to have had growing up. Full of pink, butterflies and princess canopies. S even has a double bed the spoilt little thing! Some people say that too much pink isn’t good for little girls, but I’m not really sure why. The love their kitchen and their babies, but equally love getting muddy and playing with trains. Why would I deprive them of things they love just because they conform to a stereotype? I really don’t understand. Am I really damaging their future life choices by reading Cinderella before bed? I want them to believe in true love and happy every after. I believe in it, so why shouldn’t they?

Children are only small for such a short period of time. I am happy to indulge their dreams of pink unicorns, fairy princesses and white knights coming to rescue them for as long as they believe in the magic.

shh…dont tell anyone , but I still believe in the magic even now.


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