What is bingo hall hopping and why would you do it?

Bingo hall hopping involves moving between online bingo halls in order to continue to play bingo at a new site. Many people do this because they believe that they will receive increased welcome bonuses by periodically switching from one bingo hall to another.

However, this approach does not take into account the more lasting bonuses players can be given for sticking with one online bingo provider. Many players prefer to stick with one online bingo hall in order to collect the maximum loyalty bonuses.

Welcome bonuses are only one time offers

Hopping between bingo halls can result in a player collecting several welcome bonuses and lots of free bonus cash from promotions aimed at attracting new players to a bingo hall. However, these bonuses can only be legitimately claimed once.

If your strategy is to hop from hall to hall fairly frequently then you may end up with a less valuable welcome bonus that you would have received if you had waited a little longer.

It is a fact that welcome bonuses fluctuate considerably in their value and it is impossible to know if the value of a welcome bonus from a particular bingo hall will rise soon after you sign up with that hall. In other words, it is almost impossible to receive the maximum possible bonus from every bingo hall.

Loyalty to one bingo hall can result in VIP status

Sticking with a single bingo hall will usually bag you some considerable rewards for loyalty. Many of these loyalty systems are based on the accumulation of loyalty points. The points clock up as you enjoy your normal game play. At some point you will accumulate enough to points to be eligible to cash the points in for their cash equivalent (to be used to play more bingo or other online games), bonus merchandise or even sometimes as withdrawable funds.

Of course, you can join several loyalty schemes with several different bingo halls if hopping is your strategy but since the points accumulate over time spent in a single hall, if you hop to often, you may never reap the full benefit of the loyalty scheme.

Some VIP and loyalty schemes do expire after a certain time period so if you hop too much you may never receive any loyalty rewards as all the points accumulated so far will be lost.

So what is the best strategy overall?

Well, you would not want to lose out on free money so if you are a keen bingo player it is probably advisable to collect all of the welcome bonuses on offer. OK, so one or two halls may increase their bonuses in the future but others will probably lower theirs so you just have to take a pragmatic approach. After all, it is all free cash anyway.

After that it is probably best to try each hall out and decide which one is nicest to play and which ones offer the best loyalty rewards. Once you have collected your welcome bonuses sticking with a hall that has a good loyalty scheme will pay more in the long run. If you play online bingo a lot then switching between two halls may also pay for you.

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