What is your best ever Christmas book?

For me, there is one book that will always be synonymous with Christmas. One that, even on just hearing the opening line, transports me back to being six or seven, full of excitement and anticipation, ready for bed on December 24th. The book I could not wait to read to my children.

Best Ever Christmas Book…..?

That’s simple….its has to be The Night Before Christmas by Clement C Moore. That is the best ever Christmas Book for me, perfectly capturing the thrill that is Christmas Eve. As a child it was the traditional Christmas I craved, and as a parent it is full of the magic I want to share with my child. Perfection.

There are others that come near, The Snowman comes a VERY close second, but the magical rhythmic humor in this classic gives it the edge for me.

That’s why I have given it the title of Best Ever Christmas Book, and why I cannot wait to read it to the girls on Christmas Eve.

best ever christmas book

Thank you to Parragon Books for sending the girls of a copy of this amazing classic, I’m extra pleased as now I don’t have to share mine.

What is your best ever Christmas book?

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