Nope I’m not talking about boobs you naughty little lot…..I’m talking about Christmas trees.

Real or Fake – What Do You Prefer?

They both have their merits. One fills your house with the scent of festive delight the other doesn’t, but it also refrains from dropping needles ready to surprise your feet with their sharp greetings. Artificial trees are cost-effective and convenient, as the same one can be dragged out of the loft year after year, however you then lose out on the family trip to choose your tree or better still the adventure of cutting down a tree of your very own.

Real or Fake - What Do You Prefer?

I’m a real tree girl, always have been. I do worry though about the cost of them, not only to my pocket but to the environment as well. If I were to look for a tree to use year after year then I would have certain stipulations. It must look real, be highly flame retardant and be made in a robust way to last in storage year after year. I have heard there are some great artificial Christmas trees on sale at The Range this year, so I will be popping down there to take a look and see if I can be converted.

Decoration wise though there is no question as to what i want. I love a mix of old pieces, that have been handed down through the generations, combined with the newer decorations that we have picked up as a family over the years. Everything on my tree has a story. A history that entwines it forever with our family Christmases. Tradition is very important to me.

It’s tradition that makes it so hard for me to move away from the desire to have a real tree. Choosing my Fir in early December feels as much a part of Christmas for me as mince pies and nativity plays. It’s something I look forward to each year.

What about you? Real or Fake – What Do You Prefer?

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