It’s a strange old world I’ve landed in thanks to this blog. First I was celebrating Christmas in July and now I find myself in the middle of a springtime explosion while wearing my thermals.

Essex And The City – 22nd November 2013

It started last week with the Joules SS14 preview, all campervans and festival food, and now this week I’ve fallen straight into springtime fever with the Tesco Living and Clarks SS14 press launches.  Amongst the pastels and parasols it was easy to forget that outside the snow was threatening to fall.

Most of my time in London this week has been dashing from one press event to another, all with little O in tow.  I’ve hardly had time to stop and look at the magic that is the start of Christmas. Lights and tress are popping up everywhere, window displays are changing to a sea of red, green and gold and Londoners are entering into the only month of the year where they willing talk to each other just for fun (mainly as its acceptable to drink from noon each day during December).

I love the start of Christmas, the build up to the big day is always the best part of it for me.  The fun, the family time, the mulled wine. I love it all.

In my opinion, London really does do Christmas in style. As much as I’m looking forward to the spring, I’m not going to wish away the winter at all.

And may I just be the first to say…..Happy Holidays everyone!

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