After having children, time alone as a couple becomes precious. Even the most simple of evenings can feel special. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just as long as you are together.

Last Friday The Essex Husband and I were heading out for his sister’s birthday when suddenly, thanks to their tardiness, we found we had a few hours to kill just the two of us.

Already on Old Street we ceased the opportunity to try out the highly acclaimed The Three Crowns. After reopening in May, to much praise from the locals and the foodie world alike, this former questionable establishment has flourished into a gem of the Old Street area.

With its big bar at the front, fantastic array of bar snacks, great selection of beers, and lots of tables in the restaurant area overlooking the huge open kitchen for a those wanting a sit down meal, this vibrant public house has something on offer for everyone.

Date Night in Shoreditch

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Date Night in Shoreditch

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6pm on a Friday evening it was standing room only at the bar. We stood there talking like we had just met, sharing stories we must have told each other a hundred times over, but loving every moment of it.  A few drinks and many laughs later we were on our way to meet our friends and family for the birthday celebrations, safe in the knowledge, thanks to this impromptu date, that we were still more in love than ever.

Cheesy, but true.

What a perfect date night in Shoreditch.

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