Joules SS14 Preview – Festivals, Fun & Fashion

There aren’t many brands more celebratory of the Great British countryside than Joules. Looking at the Joules SS14 preview you can’t help but be reminded of why this quintessentially English institution is such a lasting success.

Joules SS14 Preview

Your festival wardrobe is sorted people, no need to look any further. Adults and children alike are in for a treat.

Wellies and ponchos, festival staples for every family.

Joules SS14 preview

Joules SS14 previewLadies dresses and mens coats are collection highlights also. The detail on each piece is planned to perfection, a true sign of the quality you are receiving.

20131118-110127.jpg Joules SS14 preview

Homeware is big in the new Joules collection too, and its easy to see why with these cute prints on offer.

20131118-110116.jpg Joules SS14 preview

Bring on the sunshine!

Joules SS14 – Festivals, Fun & Fashion

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