Our New York trip is on the horizon now, just the small matter of Christmas to get past first, and my thoughts are turning more and more towards what we will do when we are there.

Staying with friends in New Jersey will allow us to experience the best of both worlds. Day trips with them full of ‘real’ life treats and tourist adventures into NYC with my darling girls, this is going to be an amazing experience for all of us.

There is already talk of us taking to car up to the Jersey Shore and plans for us to go to a local play group. One of my favorite childhood memories is visiting a Brownie Pack in Oklahoma aged about 7 when staying with my Mothers friends. I learnt more about American childhood and culture from that 2 hours than I could have ever from 2 weeks in Disney. The memories have stayed with me all these years, it was an amazing opportunity, and it is wonderful to think I will get to give my girls the same enriching experiences.

As for our days in NYC there is so much to cram in.  I have been to Manhattan once before and only got through about 1/8 of the things I wanted to see/do/eat/drink, I feel like I need to approach this trip with a plan.

First up in my NYC planning is my ‘must do’ list for where I’m there .

My Must See Children’s Attractions In NYC

We will be there for the first week of January so a look at all the festive window displays and lights is a must.  Central Park Zoo is on the list and I have promised Scarlett a visit to the American Museum of Natural History. I also fancy taking a look at The Museum of Math to take a spin on a square wheeled bicycle, taking the girls to the NYC Police Museum to see learn about the history of this great service and showing them Ellis Island and the Immigration Museum. The girls great-grandmother moved to America from England in the 1940′s so I think it is important for them to understand what life was like as an immigrant, how much change must have taken place.

Grand Central station is on the list as they will know it from watching Madagascar, and Scareltt want’s to go the ‘the Costa in FRIENDS’ – I need to find a way to break it to her Central Perk isn’t real.

Finally a walk in Times Square, visiting the M&M, Disney and Reeces shops before heading to FAO Schwarz to see the piano from BIg (maybe the last bit is for me really).

I really cannot wait – hurry up Jan 1st.

Must See Children's Attractions In NYC

Photo Credit – Joshua Davis

So, what have I missed? What are your must see children’s attractions in NYC?


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