It doesn’t matter what time of year we’re talking about, a weekend break will always be appreciated. While Christmas is just a few short weeks away, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some time away from home this side of 2014. Here are five ideas for inspiration.


A Cottage Break

There’s nothing more relaxing than escaping to a country cottage with your family for a weekend, and while the summer may mean better weather, the winter shouldn’t be ignored. Plenty of families head out on a cottage break over Christmas, to spend the festivities as a group, huddled around the log fire and watching the snow fall through the bay windows. Many cottages also allow pets so you can all spend Christmas together, swapping gifts and stories.

Choose a cottage in the middle of the countryside for a real rural retreat, where you can take walks through acres of countryside before cuddling up on the sofa during the evenings. Grab one or two cardigans from George at ASDA so that you stay nice and toasty for the duration.

A UK Theme Park Stay

While the peak season may have been and gone, there’s still time to consider a stay in one of the popular UK theme parks such as Thorpe Park or Alton Towers that often do a firework and bonfire night extravaganza around the 5th November. Choose Alton Towers and you can stay onsite at the fabulous themed hotel, whilst being able to enjoy more than one day riding the rollercoasters and appreciating the fireworks display.

A Holiday Park

There are plenty of holiday parks across various regions of the UK that offer festive-themed weekends which would be perfect for all of the family. Book a couple of days in one of these resorts and you can not only enjoy a relaxing stay away from home as a pre-Xmas treat, but you can also provide your children with some activities and experiences that they’ll treasure forever. From meeting Santa in his grotto to pony rides through the woodland, there’s something for everyone. Center Parcs provide some magical Winter Wonderland opportunities in Cumbria, Wiltshire, Suffolk and Nottinghamshire.

Disneyland Paris

If you fancy heading further afield, a quick visit to Disneyland Paris is enough to fill any child (and adult!) with glee. Disney’s Enchanted Christmas begins at the start of November and runs right through until January, giving you plenty of time to book a couple of days off work and enjoy a long weekend in this magical place. Don’t forget to pack accordingly – weather in Paris will be very similar to the climate we have back home. Cardigans, jeans, chunky knits and a waterproof jacket would be ideal – you can pick most of this up from George at ASDA without breaking the bank.

A European City Break              

Alternatively, explore a little more of Europe during your weekend city break and do a spot of Christmas shopping while you’re at it. Whether it’s Barcelona, Amsterdam, Bruges or Munich, the possibilities are endless. If you do head to Germany, be sure to check out the world class German Christmas markets that can be found there!

Why wait until after Christmas for a weekend away with your loved ones? Enjoy a pre-Christmas treat this year and start celebrating the festivities a little early.

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