Is networking the key to success? It’s all well and good being talented, but if you don’t make anyone else aware of your skills then surely all that promise will go to waste.

This week I have been on a mission to ‘put myself out there’, network with contacts old and new, ears open and notepad at the ready for any opportunities that it may bring my way.

Essex and The City – 8th November 2013

My week started, in a way that 6 months ago I could only have dreamed of, with a visit to Google HQ. I, little old Alice from Essex, was visiting the hub of all things online and social for a morning of technology advice from the masters themselves. Even if I hadn’t learnt a thing from the session I knew I was on to a winner just having the opportunity to nose inside Google HQ, the kind of stuff my geeky dreams are made of. Luckily though I did learnt lots, like all the amazing features of the Google Translate app (did you know you could take a picture of the text you want to translate it and it will convert it to almost any language you ask for?) or how family friendly the Google Chromebook laptop is with its multiple profiles and security features (we NEED one here at Essex HQ), plus I got to see the lovely Ruth, Carolynne and Kip. It was a morning well spent. Oh and Google HQ? well that was all I had imagined it to be and more; futuristic, fun and funky. Although I had convinced myself there would be robots welcoming you into the building, hopefully that is something they are still working on.

Google Mums

After a quick trip back to Essex to do the school run I was heading back to London for an evening with some of my best blogging buddies. My life recently has been all about inspiration. I am working on the theory that if I am positive and surround myself with like minded, driven people then my chances of succeeding in life will increase. We were all in London together attending the Hearst Editors Talk, an evening hosted by the people in charge of some of my most read magazines, ones that I would simply love to be writing for the in the years to come. The evening was an interesting and informative one, I will certainly attend more Red events in the future. The post talk drinks at the Dean Street Townhouse wern’t too shabby either. The place has such a great vibe and is perfect for a spot of people, not to mention celebrity, watching (Gary Lineker last week and Finoa Bruce this week in case you are wondering). Plus their cocktail menu, especially the Eastern Standard (Bombay Sapphire, lime, cucumber, mint), is worth a visit alone.

If all that excitement wasn’t enough for one week I then had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Katy from Modern Mummy for a working lunch on Thursday in Mayfair. Both having found ourselves wanting to further our blogging and social media careers at the same time these power lunches are set to become a regular date. Its back to that whole positivity breads positivity thing again. If we work together our inspiration, creativity and, therefore, employability can only increase. Plus Katy is one of the most lovely ladies I know, and she shares my love of window shopping in Selfridges. Its a match made in heaven if you ask me.

My London week isn’t quite over yet, I am back out in town tonight celebrating my sister-in-law’s birthday at the Bavarian Beerhouse on Old Street. I will be sure to tell you all about it (well what I can remember of it) next week.


Essex And The City is a weekly feature from so be sure to check back next Friday for more exciting tales from Essex HQ



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