Life has been a whirlwind recently. Last minute change of plans regarding University, the blog suddenly becoming a job in itself, and my quest to become a freelance writer really starting to take shape.

Much talk lately from me has been around how empowered I feel when surrounded by like-minded ladies. Blogging is currently my career. While I don’t have an office, and the banter that comes with it, what I do have is Twitter and some amazing fellow bloggers to share ideas (and a glass of wine or two) with. That’s just what I did this week with fellow blogging friends Alison, Kate, Katie and Laura at the Hearst Editor’s Talk in Mayfair.

Hearst Editor’s Talk

What is it about a room full of people who share your interests and goals that can fill you with such strength and desire? I have attended my fair share of blogging events now and, while I’m no expert, I’ve started to tire of the same sessions and questions each time. I headed to the Hearst Editor’s Talk looking for something new. A fresh angle on all things social and blogging.

Pre talk, over a glass or two of Champagne, I remembered why I loved the company of fellow bloggers so much. Sharing stories of our latest adventures, tales of ‘interesting’ emails we’ve received and our hopes for what we will learn from the next few hours ahead of us, you really could feel the buzz of drive and determination in the room. A collective desire to succeed.

I wish I could bottle that feeling for a rainy Tuesday when enthusiasm is waning and all you’re craving is coffee and cake. I’d make a fortune.

The Hearst Editor’s Talk itself was a mix of stories from the panel (Victoria White – Company, Louise Court – Cosmo, David Moynihen – Digital Spy, Mandie Gower – Zest and Sarah Bailey – Red) and questions from the floor and twitter. Some things were common sense, others insightful slices of information. I did feel at times their answers were a little general, but completely understand they had to pitch their responses to a very diverse audience.

I’m currently obsessed with learning how to pitch ideas and articles. What to say, how to introduce myself, examples of work to include. The panel talked about who to pitch to, but not so much as what to include.

Is there a perfect pitch format? That’s what I wanted to ask the panel. That is what I still want to ask the panel. I need to learn to speak up.

The evening was all too soon over and we found ourselves looking for somewhere to sit, drink and talk through our plans.

Later that evening, at the Dean Street Townhouse bar, sharing ideas, hints, tip and contacts, I realised something; us bloggers may each have a tiny part of the internet we call our own, but if we work together, our influence, employability and reputation can only increase.

A whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

On our own we may be great, but together we are unbeatable.

Hearst Editor's Talk

Photo Credit: Alison Perry

I would really recommend attending a Red Network Event. The Hearst Editors Talk was a professionally executed evening with real information being shared. The goody bag was a hit with us all too!

I’m already booked up for their December event – Be A Power Part Timer In 2014 – hope to see you there.



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