Last week we went on an underwater adventure with the Speedo Swim Squad. Hosted in the pool of Imperial College London, we were treated to an afternoon of splashingly good fun.

Showcasing their amazing range of Speedo Swim Squad products, the team were on hand in the pool to give us top tips for getting little ones to love the water (mainly make it fun and don’t worry/get stressed if your swim only last 5 minutes the first few times) and there were also one on one swimming lessons for the bigger children with Scarlett loved. I haven’t seen her swim in about 6 weeks (her swimming lessons are a strictly ‘no watching’ affair) and was hugely impressed with how much she had improved.

The Speedo Swim Squad is a vibrant, fun and playful range, perfect for enticing even the most reluctant of little ones into the water.

Scarlett, my water baby, loved the ‘big girl goggles’ she was given to use in her lesson and I was impressed with how, even after almost an hour of wearing them, she wasn’t left with marks on her face due to their child friendly design.

Speedo Swim Squad Range

Split into three levels, ranging from ‘start splashing’ to ‘get confident, the Speedo Swim Squad has something for every child.

Speedo Swim Squad

Both my girls loved the Swim Squad Squirty Toys. I think water toys are great for little ones, no matter what their age. If children are having fun then they forget any fears or apprehension they may have. Even O, a reluctant swimmer to say the least, enjoyed her time in the water when playing with these toys.

Speedo Swim Squad

O was given a Speedo Sea Squad Swim Vest to wear for her lesson. I loved how the vest came as a swimsuit so that was all she had to wear (less to remember when packing) and that I could add/remove the form inserts depending on how much buoyancy she needed. The Sea Squad Float Suit also looks great, I think this will be our next investment as her confidence grows to give her more freedom in the pool.

Speedo Swim Squad

Scarlett is the perfect age and skill level for stage three. The Speedo Swim Squad Mini Kick she used in her lesson was easy to grip and, as mentioned before, I was highly impressed with how gentle the Junior Sea Squad goggles were.

I think I may have to put a set of the Speedo Sea Squad Spinning Dive Toys on Scarlett’s Christmas list, they look like a great way to encourage her to start swimming underwater (plus I think i’d have lots of fun with them too).

I have to say a massive thank you to the Speedo Swim Squad team for inviting us down to the event during half term, we had a wonderful afternoon and cant wait to come visit you all again.

Speedo Swim Squad


We were invited to this event as guests of Speedo Swim Squad but all views expressed are our own.


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