One of the great things about my new life is being able to take the children to work with me.

With half term happening last week I had not one, but two little helpers as I went about my jobs. Luckily we had an action packed week ahead of us to keep my ladies amused.

Essex And The City – 1st November 2014

Monday was my child free day. The British weather and public transport system did their best to conspire against me and ruin my day but, with a few detours and sheer determination, I finally made it to the Next Bloggers Network #NBNWorkshop just in time for lunch. The event was mainly aimed at fashion bloggers (so much so that one panelist even used working with Huggies as an example of something we should never do on our blogs), but the session on SEO from Greenlight was one of the best I have ever been to at any blogging event. Oh and the food, the food was awesome.

After a day away from the girls I was ready for full on school holiday fun. Tuesday we headed London-bound ready to make a splash with the Speedo Swim Squad. I cannot thank the Speedo team enough for such a great afternoon. Along with Rosie, Carolynne and their lovely little ones we had swimming lessons, party food and buckets of fun. I wish I could have grown up as the child of a blogger, my ladies really are getting a unique childhood.

No school holiday would be complete with a Museum trip. Wednesday saw us head back to London for a few hours at the Science Museum. I was surprised by how engaged the girls (aged 23 months and 4) were with everything. It’s a highly interactive museum, I can remember having hours of fun in the LaunchPad as a child. Unfortunately the queues for this area were huge and as the girls were unaware if what the wait was for I, shamelessly, took this as an opportunity to give it a miss this time.

Essex and The City Science Museam

Heading back across town to meet The Essex Husband at Liverpool Street we decided to leave the train at Monument and walk. I have a real love affair with the square mile. The buildings are such a fusion of old and new. Historic London, with all its pomp and ceremony, blended with the modern face of our Capital, it is such a pleasure to share this with the girls. I believe you can never truly appreciate London until you view it as an adult through the eyes of a child.

Essex and The City

After our walk I was full of London love, and what better way to finish a day in the city than drinks with a friend. Alice (yes there is another Alice in the blogging world, and I have befriended her) was already waiting for me at the Dean Street Townhouse bar with a bottle of wine and lots of gossip. I had never been there before, but instantly knew she had made a great venue choice. Very London, very chic; just like us (ha). We had a lovely evening, not really talking much about work as we had planned but wonderful all the same, the perfect way to end this week’s time in London.

As I headed home (via a spot of late night shopping on Oxford street) I was planning in my head how I could break it to The Essex Husband that we would need to leave Essex and head back to live in the big smoke. That was until I stepped off the cramped tube onto my ‘big train’ back to the sticks. As I watched the buildings disappear, and the fields come back into sight, I remembered how much of a Country Mouse I had become.

London is amazing, but it was great to be home.


Essex And The City is a weekly feature from so be sure to check back next Friday for more exciting tales from Essex HQ


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One Thought on “Essex And The City – The Half Term Edition

  1. I was not feeling so chic the morning after all that wine… it was so lovely to see you! x

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