I make no secret of my love for lists.

I have lists for everything; things to do, things to buy, blogs to write, people to see….the list goes on and on, excuse the pun. I love the satisfaction of ticking something off my list and the feeling of accomplishment when a list is complete is thrilling for a geek like me.

There is one list though that has no chance of ever being completed. I call it my ‘Other To Do List’. Its full of things that I need to do, but that I never quite get round to finishing. It’s not even that jobs are complicated, just things like comparing energy providers,  cleaning the car, seeing if I could save money by switching bank accounts online or defrosting the freezer.

I always set out with such good intentions, but then my other lists take over.  Shopping for Christmas presents or checking out restaurant reviews for New York start to enter my mind, and then before I know it I’m on the Joules website planning my ideal sightseeing outfits.

It’s not even just the fun things that distract me, my housework list is often the first one I have to tackle each day, then there is writing work to complete, meals to prepare and emails to catch up on.

Maybe I’m just too easily distracted. Who knows.

What I do know is that I need to make some headway on this list before it gets out of control.

Maybe I’ll start today.

Well, once I’ve made a coffee, done my food shop and wrote my blog posts, oh and looked at some Cats dancing on YouTube.

Yeah….maybe i’ll start it tomorrow then.

Do you have an ‘other’ to do list? How do you keep on top of it? are you as distracted as me?

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5 Thoughts on “The ‘Other’ To Do List

  1. 76sunflowers on October 27, 2013 at 6:51 pm said:

    I have been known to write a list once I have started doing jobs in order to get the satisfaction of ticking them off. I have a ton on my ‘other’ list: write a will, fix the roof, decorate…. Funny how it all involves time and money zzzzzz ;)

  2. Kim Carberry on October 27, 2013 at 7:12 pm said:

    I have a to do list I never get round to do….I get easily distracted…..Finding better things to do like replying to blog posts…hehehe x

  3. Like you, most of my put off things are due to money, for example “get baskets for the pantry” has been on my to do list for about two months now! I also have really mundane things on my list like “put xxx in the loft” and “tidy the coat cupboard”, but they are so boring that I allow myself to get distracted by Pinterest lol ☺️

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