The key to your success will be found in your preparation

These fine words were the motto of the most wonderful teacher I ever had. Much of my school days are a distant memory now, but this will always stay with me.

It still remains with me to this day, and has become somewhat of my motto too.

I love a list, a notebook, a spreadsheet. Anything by which I can plan, is a friend of mine.

So for me Christmas starts early. Presents are bought and stashed away throughout the year, ideas from magazines cut out and put in a file and food inspiartion jotted down in notebook ready to be assembled into a menu nearer the time.

I like to plan two things well in advance of the big day in order to fully embrace the christmas spirit; my theme and my food. I know many of you will be screaming at this post saying ‘its only one day you crazy woman, why do you care so much?’. Well the way I see it is this; as a parent you only get eight, maybe nine, wondrous christmas days together before the ‘Man is Red’ is outed and the sparkle dies ever so slightly. So I plan to make every year as magical as possible until then, and if that makes me mad then so be it.

This year I’m going for a country Christmas theme. Think warm cosy red and green decorations with splashes of gold, open fires, mulled wine, snuggles under big blankets, lots of homemade food, laughter, family board games, and kisses under the mistletoe. Perfection.

IMG_4395 IMG_4400 IMG_4401 IMG_4402 IMG_4432

For food I like maximum impact for minimum effort. Tesco’s new range of ‘table ready’ packaging on their Finest range is a big hit with me. Their new table sauces, especially the Piccalilli and Chili, sold in Kilner Jars with easily removable swing label are sure to become a favorite of mine. Open, put on table, serve. Perfect. (You could even pass them off as your own).

IMG_4411 IMG_4424 IMG_4418 IMG_4408 IMG_4406

This year the food in our house will be all about sharing. Large starter platters, dishes brimming with potatoes and vegetables on the table to choose from during the mains and a plethora of desserts served on a table ready for people to help themselves if they have any room left. Indulgence will very much be the name of the game.

Presents are important but, to me, nowhere near as important as seeing my family and friends together eating, laughing and making memories. But incase you are wondering what I’d like to find in my stocking this year (or The Essex Husband is reading this) I wouldn’t be too sad to see this Sage Green Delongi kitchen set (with its matching toaster) in my stocking come December 25th.


So there you have it, I’ve outed myself as a Christmas nut. What about you? Are you an early bird or do you leave it all to Dec 24th? I’d love to know.

This post is part of the BritMums project with Tesco

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One Thought on “Christmas Planning Starts Now

  1. I am so ready to get going and loving all your fabulous photos of the Tesco event, bring it on Tesco, open your doors to me.
    You’ve made me feel all Christmassey now

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