15 years after first appearing on our shelves, Tesco Finest are relaunching this week. With new products, new recipes and new packaging, all helping to tell the story of each specialist ingredient they have sourced, you really get a feel that Tesco Finest have put time, effort and an awful lot of miles into finding the best of everything to put into their range.


20131012-105150.jpgFrom tasting notes on the chocolate bars to in-depth flavour guides on their Finest coffee range, consumer information and involvement is high on the agenda with this new look.

Hearing from Tesco staff about the history of each supplier they are using, from the dockyards of Grimsby to the hills of Italy, it was clear to see they have made sure we as customers are given the most high-end, hand-picked, ingredients possible. My only upset was they chose Anglesey sea salt over our Essex offering in Mersea.

Lunch was delicious, and it was especially lovely to see fellow bloggers Liz, Kelly and Marianne, was just a shame I had to rush off for the school run as I could have happily sat there all afternoon.

Each area of the range had a specialist in attendance. Sarah Mackereth, or the coffee lady as she was affectionately known by us, was a wealth of information on all things tea and coffee. I’m loving how the new packing includes biodegradable bags for their Finest tea products (I need to try the Peppermint and liquorice tea ASAP as it sounds divine).


The most interesting conversation I had all afternoon though was with Manu Hovette, their pasta guru. That man sure knows his stuff. Thanks to him I now know to match my pasta with my sauce, strong flavors need pasta with a bite, and he has encouraged me to look further than penne. I also now know that the mark of a good quality pasta is its protein content, the higher the protein the better the pasta.

Sooner that I would have wanted, it was time to head home. Not before being handed the most amazing wicket hamper full of Tesco Finest goodies to try at home. The chocolate didn’t even last the train journey, but the rest of it is in my kitchen waiting to be tried. I will be sure to share my thoughts with you all.

Massive thanks to Tesco for having me, what a wonderful afternoon.


Tesco were kind enough to cover the cost of my travel for this even but all views are my own.

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