The list of things I never even thought I’d worry about before having children is endless.  I never realised I would spend my life second guessing every decision I make.  Never did I think that I would research what washing powder to use, what soap is kindest to a child’s skin or what foods may or may not bring on an allergic reaction.

I’m lucky that the most I have to worry about allergy wise with my girls is what shampoo can cause them to develop dry scalp and cradle cap, but I am fully aware some parents have it so much worse. Eczema may be a common childhood condition, affecting around 1 in 5 children, but that doesn’t mean the treatment of it is simple. Ask any parent of a children with dry skin or eczema and they will tell you, it’s a minefield out there with advice of how to treat it best.

The lovely people at Comfort Skin Therapy, in partnership with Oilatum, have got together with parents and industry professionals to compile a ‘go-to’ booklet for all your dry skin and eczema questions.  These helpful hints and tips are tried and tested by actual parents, meaning they come with real-life advice that works, not just suggestions from a textbook.

Studies have shown that parents of children with skin conditions find bath-time incredibly stressful, with around 38% of them saying they were likely to skip it completely to avoid the struggle.  This booklet, available to down load here, hopes to address these problems and help to make bath-time fun once again with great tips for parents in the know.

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The booklet is available for you to download now via the netmums website 

This post is in partnership with Comfort Skin Therapy 

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