An Evening With Ideal Weight

This time last year I lost a stone and a half. I dieted, I replaced meals with shakes, I exercised and thankfully the weight started to fall off.  Come the new year though I was back to eating normal food and life took over the time I had set aside for exercise, before I knew it the weight had all gone back on.

Now here we are again, festive invites starting to roll in and me feeling overweight and unattractive. It’s time to do something to fix this yo-yo weight issue once and for all.

I have tried many diets, but I know that isn’t the answer. I love food, maybe a little too much, and restricting what I eat and when I eat it just isn’t conducive to family life. I need a complete attitude change. I need to re address my relationship with food.

When Ideal Weight invited me along to an event showcasing what this new weight loss brand had to offer I was initially resistant. I felt that my time with meal replacements and weight charts had come to an end. I researched the brand a little more though and found that alongside their diet programme they also offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) sessions to help their clients address their issues with food.


Ideal Weight offer3 different weight loss plans, with varying amounts of meal replacements needed in a day.  I personally don’t think I would follow the food side of the plan, I want to concentrate on eating cleaner and setting good examples for the girls to follow, but the CBT side was a revelation. It really addressed the niche that other weight loss companies are missing.  It strives to help clients make positive changes.

The session we were taken through was about boundaries. Exploring the ones we impose on ourselves and how these affect our attitudes towards food.  I was completely engaged, I wish I could go back every week, I especially for the ‘lessons from our childhood’ session, that one would help me a lot.

I really like how Ideal Weight promote that the hard part isn’t getting the weight off, its keeping it off.  They appear to be very ‘real’ in their promises and approach.  It was extremely refreshing to meet the lovely ladies behind this brand and hear their back stories. I predict big things for them and Ideal Weight.

I have come away from the event inspired and ready to tackle my issues with food.

Here’s to a happier, healthier and more shapely me.

This post is in partnership with Ideal Weight

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