From Where I Sit…


This afternoon I looked through a window into my future.

From where I sit I can see friends catching up, mothers with their newborns salvaging their sanity with coffee, couples talking, business deals being down. Life is quite literally going on in front of my eyes.

I am the person in the corner, laptop open, typing away. To them I am engrossed in my own world, working hard, writing. To be honest that was the plan. I didn’t bank on how interesting the people would be though, and I had forgotten how easily distracted I am.

I am sat here wondering, dreaming, imagining. What life will be like, 3 years from now, once my degree is complete. Will I still be sitting here? Will I still be writing An Essex Wife? Will this coffee shop be my office? Will anyone ever hire me to write for them? Will that novel ever write itself?

I have so many questions. The answers can only be discovered in time.

Life is a journey, and the next stage of mine is along a path untrodden for me. I have so much learn, so much to find out, so far to go.

When I get there though, wherever ‘there’ may be, I hope that I can return to this table and write once more, and reminisce about where it all began.

From where is sit….I can see my future.




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9 thoughts on “From Where I Sit…

  1. Lucy at Dear Beautiful

    Oooh, exciting times ahead for you. It would be so nice to have a crystal ball sometimes wouldn’t it? Right now I’d really like to know whether we’re moving next year or the year after, and whether there is another baby in our future. All things I’ll just have to wait and discover in time though.
    Good luck with all your new adventures. x

  2. Stephs Two Girls

    OOoooh it’s all so exciting! I wish I could be that person in a coffee shop, or starting a degree… just have no idea where you find the time! I guess I do other ‘stuff’ though, and we all use our time in the way that suits our lives best…. anyhow, excuse the (not very) profound remarks, Good Luck for your new path! x


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