Wear A Tea Cosy On Your Head Day – Thursday 27th September 2013

Every now and then a press release lands in my in box that I cannot promote fast enough….this is one such occasion!

On Thursday 27th September 2013 White Stuff are celebrating their fourth National Wear a Tea Cosy on Your Head Day.

Every year this lovely clothing store put tea cosies on their heads and commit to looking daft for the day to raise money and awareness for over 85 charities. Each of their shops fundraises for its own local charity, supporting disadvantaged children and young people in the UK.

I have decided to join in this year and will be wearing my Tea Cosy with pride on Thursday 27th September.

Tea cosy can be purchased in-store or online for £3.

I hope you will join me….if you do be sure to post a picture of yourself in your Tea Cosy to the White Stuff Facebook Page or Tweet them with #tescosy – they would love to see you all looking daft to support so many great causes.





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