The Last Weekend Of The Summer

The first weekend of September brings with it a chill in the air, a breeze in the trees and dusk-time scent that can only be described as crisp and autumnal. Natures subtle ways of signalling the end of the summer.

Our transatlantic friends may have Labor Day and the final weekend of the season in The Hamptons but we have our own traditions here in Essex – the last picnic on the beach of summer.

There may not be fireworks or Vanity Fair present to cover the event, but memories are made and we all have a super time.

The weather was kind, the sun shone to compensate for the chill that surrounded us, and the beach was all ours. Passers by stopped to say hello (or to just check we weren’t completely mad) and we were reminded of how lovely the British public can be with the conversations we struck up.

This summer has been wonderful, full of warm hazy days, long lazy picnics and fun with friends. We found a love of festivals and rediscovered the delights of holidaying on our fine shores, we really hit our stride as a family of four.

As sad as I am to see this summer slip away, the dark evening and cold morning will be here soon enough, I am left with some lifelong memories sure to keep me warm through the long winter days.

Summer 2013 thank you and goodnight

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