Poor Student…..Poor Me

So yesterday I enrolled at University (more about that next week), so I am now officially part of the great unwashed! I am a student. Man it feels weird saying that.

I’m nervous but excited. Like how I felt when ‘pregnant’ came up on the white stick, or when I heard the first bars of ‘Annie’s Song’ and knew I was about to become a married lady.

The thing is, I am now without a regular income. Blogging and freelance work will get me by, but I will need to work damn hard to keep me in new shoes and strong coffees.

I have googling alternative ways to make money, that search returned some interesting results I’ll tell you. One of the most popular (legal) ways though was to sell your unwanted clothes for cash online. I know I’d prefer that than waking up at 5am to load up the car ready for a bootsale. I’ve never been any good at haggling, or early mornings come to think of it!

Aside from selling my stuff I have been shopping around for good deals on EVERYTHING I buy. No more impulse purchases for me, everything will be fully researched to get the best deals from now on.  My NUS card and student offers will be a godsend too I’m sure.

If anyone has any other great money-saving ideas please do let me know, I don’t think The Essex Husband is quite ready to live on baked beans just yet!

Image Credit - www.business-superstar.com

Image Credit – www.business-superstar.com

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