Set4Sport – An Afternoon With Judy Murray

Set4Sport is a free resource, born in home of the Murray’s when the two boys were growing up, gives parents guidance on games and activities they can enjoy with their children, that will help them to evolve their balance, coordination and agility, without them even knowing they are learning.

Judy says of the scheme ”Set4Sport is all about playing games and having fun indoors or out, using everyday household objects as your equipment. These are some of the games I played with Jamie and Andy when they were small which I hope you enjoy with your children.”

We were lucky enough to be invited to an afternoon showcase of the Set4Sport games with the lovely Judy Murray a few weeks ago. The girls adored event, and fell head over heels in love with the games. They were simple to understand, fun to take part in and you could clearly see how each one would help to engage them and improve their physical literacy.

We played three games at the event. Jump The River, Tidy Your Room, Jackpot and Race ‘n’ Chase.

I loved how each game could be played for just a short period of time and still be fun and effective, perfect for the short attention spans of little ones. What also struck me about these games is how they encourage interaction between the parent and child. A family that plays together, stays together.

I come from a highly competitive, sporty family. I was always going to raise my girls to be active, but with these games and activities in my locker I now know I can start working on their coordination, balance and agility a lot earlier than I first thought.

The website has a wealth of games and knowledge that are free to access, and the free app that accompanies that programme not only has the games for you to play but a handy score card to keep track of the winners and great sound effects to really set the mood.

I cannot thank Judy and her Set4Sport team enough for such a wonderful afternoon. I’d happily do that every week of the school holidays if they’d have me.

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