25 Hours In A Day

This post is in partnership with John Lewis.

I need 25 hours in a day – If I had a pound for every time I said this in a day then I’d have enough money to employ the staff I need to make it feel like I do have an extra hour here and there. With my University course coming up, and a child in full-time school, my time will become even more precious, so any tips for being more oragnised and getting my chores done in double-quick time would be greatly appreciated.

Until then I need to make do with time-saving devices. Coffee makers, washing machines with tumbles driers built-in and a very helpful husband! I couldn’t survive without any of them.

I think the coffee machine is my biggest saviour, as without a decent espresso to start the day I could never function. I’m sure I’ll be using it to keep me going through the night once the assignments start rolling in too.

What is the time-saving device you couldn’t live without? Are you a coffee addict like me? or is there something else that saves the day for you?

This post is in partnership with John Lewis but the views expressed are all my own.


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