Hello Autumn – Back To School Style

This post is in partnership with New Look.

There have been a lot of back to school posts doing the rounds this week. I’m sure I will follow suit soon as my ‘big’ little girl starts school in just under two weeks *sobs*.  However for now, the back to school panic in my house is surrounding me going back to school, well university.


There is so much to organise and plan before I start (I bet it wouldn’t have been this crazy if I had gone 10 years ago with all my friends).

It’s not all bad though, amongst the panic of searching for a Nanny and deciding what modules to take, I have found a silver lining; all of this change is a great excuse to go shopping.

I need clothes that say ‘I’m a mature student but I still like to have fun and even thought I’m the geek that sits at the front in lectures, I could drink you under the table’. Does anyone know where I could source an outfit like that? I need stylish boots, funky dresses, skirts, shirts and skinny jeans. I just don’t know where to start.

Thats all on top of the panic of what to wear on the school run to look like ‘the effortlessly stylish mum that doesn’t try to hard but appears to have it all under control’.

Wow, it would appear that even this silver-lining is rather stressful after all.  I now remember why I was glad to leave school the first time round. Too.Much.Stress

Disclaimer – This is a post in partnership with New Look but the views (and stress) is all my own.


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