Making Lunch Fun

Week 4 of the summer holidays and we are all still friends in our house. Actually, if I’m honest, I’m loving these 6 weeks and don’t really want them to end.

Our secret? Make the little things fun.

Yes we’ve had great holidays and wonderful days out, but it’s the more low key moments I’ll remember. Making rockets out of cardboard boxes and having discos in the garden. Thats what my scrapbook is filled with.

Food has also been central to our days, picnics and back garden feasts have brighten up even the most boring of Mondays. Just being ‘us’ and relaxing at home has given us ample time to experiment and find ways to make our meal times as inspiring as possible.

Today, thanks to Warburtons and their wonderful hamper of goodies, we made floating head sandwiches (just cheese and cucumber sandwiches, but don’t they look fun?) – these had the girls giggling all afternoon.



Warburtons understand that meal times should be fun for families, and with this in mind they created Warburtons Krazy Kitchen Gameshow.

These 30 second video clips from 2 families, posted on the Warburtons Facebook page, show how they make lunchtime fun.

The final video is being uploaded today (Friday 23rd August) and its a must watch! So funny! Head over to Facebook and take a look, I’d love to know your thoughts….do you like how they make lunchtime fun? do you have any other top tips to add?

Disclaimer – This is a paid for post in partnership with Warburtons





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