The hidden treasures of Northern Spain – Guest Post

Seeing as the sun has disappeared in Essex this week, I cant help but think of sunny climates. Today we have Jane Backmore on An Essex Wife with a guest post highlighting the hidden treasures of Northern Spain.

Spain is a beautiful country, enriched with tradition, culture and sangria. Whilst being a popular package holiday spot, it also boasts some beautiful off the beaten track destinations. All you need to explore this gorgeous country is a car and a sense of adventure.

Car hire in Spain is easy and painless. If travelling from the UK, you need to take your driving license and passport. You can book in advance or when you arrive. Some travellers prefer to take their own car seats for the children, personally, I have always used the ones provided by the car hire company and have never had any problems.

I would recommend doing a road trip with the children to get a sense of this part of the world and use the car as base from which to explore. You can find great deals online for accommodation, or be really adventurous and throw in the tent and camp as you go.

The last time we visited Northern Spain, we drove up to Aragon, and my children had a fabulous time. They played all day, and we relaxed all evening, sitting outside our various caravans and cottages, sipping on the local brew and enjoying some fine Spanish Cuisine.

Aragon: Land of the Dinosaurs

Aragon is a wonderful part of Spain to drive to and explore with the kids. It is thick with greenery and heavy with history.

For those with older children visit the Theme Park in Zaragoza for thrills and rides. Then, contrast this experience with the sensuous beauty that can be found in the Tena Valley in Lacuniacha. Walk through the forests looking for the animals that inhabit these fabulous woods. If you are lucky, you will spot reindeer, wolves, even European Bison. Memories the kids will never forget.

And don’t forget the dinosaurs.

Get back in the car and drive to the south of Aragon, to Dinopolis. My children ran riot through the time tunnel and adored the incredible displays of how life was in the age of the T-Rex. It was an incredible day out for all the family.

So perhaps next time you go to book your annual holiday, maybe you could turn away from the popular Costa Del Sol, and go see what the rest of Spain has to offer?

Disclaimer – The is a guest posts by Jane Blackmore, writer and blogger, mother to three. Holiday lover.


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