So there is now less than 6 weeks till I become a mature (that still makes me laugh) student.

For those of you who don’t know I will be starting at South Essex University to study Journalism for the next 3 years (you can read more about that here on the South Essex website). Before I start though I have made a list of things I would like to do, before I become to busy studying to do anything!

Spa Day with my girlfriends


The Poolhouse At Masion Talbooth

I love a girly day of gossip and relaxation. Us Essex girls are completely spoilt for choice when it comes to spa day locations but my top three would have to be Maison Talbooth for its beautiful setting and amazing afternoon teas, Lifehouse for total relaxation and state of the art facilities and Greenwoods for its spectacular grounds.



A family adventure with my little gang

We love to get out and explore as a family. However with Scarlett starting school, me starting Uni and Orlaith being looked after by the nanny 2 days a week, our time together will be limited. Therefore the time we do have will need to be super special. Nothing like a few time restrictions for you to make the moments you do have count.

I’m hoping the weather improves before the schools go back so that we can have one last day at the beach all together before the madness of her first term starts. Frinton is my beach of choice, however Mersea and Walton come a close second.

Beach Huts At Frinton

Beach Huts At Frinton

Dinner with The Essex Husband

Quality time as a couple is very important, especially once little ones arrive. I’m incredibly lucky that I have a supportive husband and as a thank you I would like to treat him to dinner before my course starts. My choice would be The Pier in Harwich however he is a HUGE fan of The Rare Cow in Writtle, I guess we may just have to toss a coin.

Finally I just need one day to myself, to get my head round how much life is a bout to change. Its going to be a rollercoster, massive highs and heartbreaking lows, but my goodness its going to be worth it.

Wish me luck…


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One Thought on “My Pre-Uni Wish List

  1. Angela on August 19, 2013 at 8:08 pm said:

    Good luck and enjoy your time before being a mature student and once you become one :-) x

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