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Entertaining the little ones while on holiday is never an easy task simply because kids tend to lose interest very quickly so even a holiday destination full of attractions and adventures may have its dull moments at times. Here are a number of family fun holiday activities for those moments when things just don’t go according to plan.

Cycling in Pembrey Country Park, Carmarthenshire, 2011

Cycling – Cycling is a great way to explore the local area and to get the kids to use some of that energy they seem to have endless amounts of.  Most destinations offer some form of bicycle hire. Make a whole day out of it by appealing to your kid’s sense of adventure. Create a map of your route and if the kids are old enough, get them to help in the navigation.

Indoor Activity – From time to time perhaps in the evening or when the weather does not play ball, you might need to quickly come up with activities. To help engage the little one’s in creative work, little can compare to crafting and creating. Consider bringing some aids with you or make some up from items you’ll find in the hotel. Use buttons, drink caps, food packaging and other items commonly found. Ask the kids to paint or collage the local area using these items. Be sure to set the right example and participate with your own painting or collage.

Family Camping Trip 2013

Outdoor Accommodation – Camping is commonly adored by most kids. Even if your choice of accommodation features indoor facilities, perhaps there is an opportunity for a daytime camping activity. Find a nice area maybe rural location or an area near the beach and set up camp for the day. The kid’s sense of adventure will quickly kick in and the day will likely prove a memorable one. You could probably hire a tent for the day, use bed lining to create a temporary shelter or ask the hotel if they have one.

Family Gardening

Local Attractions – Suitable attractions will vary from destination to destination. You will probably find that physical attractions will work better as opposed to a purely visual activity. Prior to your arrival you should short list suitable attractions and do not forget to ask at the hotel for local recommendations. A local park is a sure way to entertain the kids but why not broaden your horizon and try to find local attraction maybe evolving cocking, gardening or even a live sporting event is a great way to take in some of the local atmosphere.

Show and Theatre – Such entertainment will likely appeal to children of all ages (and us adults of course) however do bear in mind the language barrier.  If you are on holiday in a foreign country where a foreign language is spoken, a show with music, dancing and special effects such as a musical will likely work regardless of the language as opposed to spoken only entertainment.

Enjoy your holidays.

Written by the team at a UK brand of holiday villas in France covering various regions in France from the Dordogne, Provence, the Lot Valley, the Atlantic Coast, Languedoc, and Bearn and Landes. This is a paid for post.

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