Cheap Family Holiday? Yes Please!

What is it about going on holiday that makes you want to book another one as soon as you get back?

After our little break to the amazing festival last weekend, and now the week in our friends beautiful beach house, you would have thought I’d be done with holidays for the summer and craving home comforts wouldn’t you?

Am I? No chance! All I can think about is booking another holiday for my lovely little family to enjoy together before the big girl starts at primary school for the first time next month.

The thing is, these holidays don’t come cheap do they? After the initial outlay of money when booking, you then have all the new clothes you want to buy, petrol costs to get to the airport/destination, food, drinks and days out to pay for when there and gifts to bring home to consider. Sometimes I miss the days when it was just me, my hand luggage, and a few cocktails.

A few friends have suggested to me that we should all spend the bank holiday at one of Butlins holiday parks together and I have to say I am actually quite tempted.  Looking at their website they have had a major revamp since my childhood holidays there, and I know the girls would have a blast with all fun they have to offer on site now for all ages. I guess that the most important thing with holidays now, the girls have to come first when looking at where is best to book for out breaks these days.

We are already worrying about how we are going to keep up out holiday habit once we are tied to the school timetable come September.  The more I think about it the more I am beginning to think Butlins may be perfect for the kids in the UK October half term.

Affordable, accessible and fun.

Now to convince The Essex Husband.



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