Camping In Essex – Waldergraves Family Holiday Park, Mersea

Waldergraves Family Holiday Park on Mersea Island is a family run site voted ‘Best Holiday Park in Essex’ two years running in 2010 and 2011, what better place for the Essex family’s first camping trip.

We arrived at Waldergraves around lunch time, just in time to enjoy a picnic lunch with our holiday buddies (my MIL and her partner) and then headed down to the beach that is adjacent to the holiday park. Being this close to the seafront, close enough that I could see the water from the view outside my tent and smell the salt in the air, made me feel so relaxed.


I love being by the water, I think I must have been a fish in a past life.

After our walk we made use of the heated outdoor swimming pool, another great attraction of Waldergraves, and its sunbathing areas (can’t beat camping in a heat-wave) and it was back to the tent to start prepping the food for our BBQ dinner.

Waldergaves was a busy campsite, and extremely noisy until late into the night.  I was worried this may affect the girls sleeping, but luckily once they got to sleep the noise didn’t worry them.  I was wiped out from the heat and headed to my sleeping bag about 10.30pm (yes, I’m so rock’n'roll) but due to the noise of the other campers, and then the ‘merry’ campers heading back to their tents from the club house, did keep me awake till after midnight.

The facilities at Waldergraves Family Holiday Park were very good.  The pool was clean, the shop reasonably priced and the toilet and shower block surpassed all my exceptions of camping washrooms, certainly was step up from the places I stayed while completing my Duke of Edinburgh awards as a teenager.


Yes it was noisy, yes some people were smoking and throwing the cigarette butts on the ground where children were playing (massive pet hate of mine) and yes someone was riding a motocross bike in on the Waldergraves fields near the beach around families trying to play with their young children (that I tweeted Waldergraves about and still havent had a response) but I think I would try the campsite out again as the children had an amazing time.

The weather helped, it’s easier to ignore the bad bits when the sun is shining on the good parts, but all in all I came away happy.  I just think may a reponce via social media to their customers would have been nice.  That, and maybe free earplugs for the Waldergraves campers that want to get some sleep.

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2 thoughts on “Camping In Essex – Waldergraves Family Holiday Park, Mersea

  1. Waldegraves

    Dear Alice,

    We are sorry to hear there were aspects of your stay that were not as they should of been. All guests are given an arrivals pack when they check in which clearly states the park rules on noise in the terms and conditions, it also has an after hours mobile phone number where security can be contacted.

    Whilst we appreciate your comments on noise, we do ask for it to be kept to a minimum after midnight but there is never a fool proof solution to silence unfortunately. We do however have security who walk the park and do speak to guests who are not adhering to the park rules.

    In terms of the motorcross bike, we do not allow these to be used on our land. Without being sure what field you are referring to, it could be that it was not on our land and there for we have no control over that. If you do see anything like this again, we would deal with this straight away once we are made aware of the problem.

    Apologies for not replying to your tweet, we use Facebook massively but are not always so observant when it comes to Twitter. This is something we are improving on and as we realise the importance of keeping an eye on this more so that we can interact with our guests.

    We do hope you will come back to Waldegraves and give us a second chance Alice, we very much appreciate your feedback and your blog post!

    Kind Regards



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