Britmums Live 2013

This weekend I spent with 500 other amazing women (and a scattering of amazing men) at The Brewery in London.

Britmums Live 2013.

I learnt, I laughed, I cried.

I learnt that I am a travel blogger, I’m fond of wigs and that Kirstie Allsop prefers to shave her legs rather that wax them.

I laughed ugly belly laughs in All Bar One with Bryony, Alice, and Steph, then laughed some more at dinner in the´company of T and Annie.

I cried big fat wet tears.  I cried for the happy news, I cried for the sad news. I cried for the mother who had lost her child and the husband who had lost his wife, but mostly I cried for the void in the weekend that we all found hard to fill.  The smile that was missing to light up the room, the friendly hug that made you feel instantly at ease, the most lovely lady you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. I cried for our Firework.

I only attended two sessions this year, Travel Blogging and Julia Boggio‘s Photography Session. I’m so glad about this.  Last year I did too much, tried to take it all in but ended up going away with just one thought.  I don’t belong here.

This year I made friends, I talked to people, ignored the cliques and seeked out the lovely bloggers I had heard so much about. Some people I may never see again, some not till Britmums 2014 but a few I will see for coffees, playdates and glasses of wine.  This year I feel like I have made real friends.

There were still cliques.  Still people who clearly believe they are blogging royalty and need gloves on to shake the hands of us lowly mortals. However this year, instead of being intimidated by them, I felt sorry for them.  It looked far too much effort for me. I’d rather be having fun and being myself.

I have come away this year with such a different approach to blogging conferences.  I no longer feel I need to learn about blogging when there. For me It’s now all about the networking, the partying and the cake.

I’ll drink to that.


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17 thoughts on “Britmums Live 2013

  1. Notyetayummymummy

    Yes the cake, that’s what it’s all about! I really enjoyed spending time with you and hope we do meet again before next years event. I like you enjoyed a more relaxed approach to it this year. As I haven’t been blogging much it was easy as I really did just go to socialise. Lets get a date in e diary x x

  2. Sian

    Great post, I’m going to try to make it next year. I agree about the cliques which put me off going this year.
    Love your blog fellow Essex girl x

  3. Mary Keynko

    It was my first time at Britmums, and bloody loved it! Was grand to meet you – and would love to see you again soon!

    Thanks for the advice about getting back to the station – Liverpool St is not the nicest place late at night!

    1. AnEssexWife Post author

      Was fab to meet you too – glad my advice , albeit drunken, was on point. Hope to see you again soon x

  4. Sam


    I’m an Essex girl too!

    This was my first BritMums experience and I have to agree with you about the cliques. I found it quite intimidating on a few occasions, but I was fortunate enough to meet some really lovely people who put me at ease.

    I went to quite a lot of the workshops but came away from a few of them wishing I hadn’t as I would rather have spent the time meeting new people. If I go next year I will be more picky about how I use my time.

    Sam xx

    ps. I definitely didn’t eat enough cake!

    1. AnEssexWife Post author

      Its all about the cake (and the wine) – once I found our Soda-stream had vodka the sessions lost their appeal!! Im glad you met some lovely people. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment x

  5. Alison Rothwell

    Great to read your thoughts – and I agree about only going to sessions you really want to go too – there was so much to see and do it all got a bit overwhelming at times :)

  6. Anya from Older Single Mum and The Healer

    I’m so sorry we didn’t get to meet – and I was at that dinner too. I’m gonna come and get you next time I’m in Essex tho. So glad it’s about the social for you too :)

    1. AnEssexWife Post author

      You were at dinner??? and I missed you??? Im shocked and hurt! :-)

      Its all about the social these days – this is my hobby not my job, I need to remind myself of it sometimes but i’m getting there. x

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  8. Trish @ Mum's gone to

    I’m so glad you came to our travel session and that it was worthwhile.
    You often feel torn at conferences – so many sessions, what to choose, whether to just meet friends? A couple of times I made decisions on what to attend based on whether I was already comfy in the same room!
    Sorry you found blogging cliques. I think most people don’t intend to be in a clique but get carried away when they meet up with old friends. They forget to be inclusive. It’s a shame but I suppose that’s just how things are in life. Glad you found some good pals to spend time with.
    Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Good luck with Uni!

  9. Steve Keenan

    Hi Alice – glad you found the travel blogging panel useful – and thanks for the tweet! Don’t be afraid or hung up by bloggers cliques: there’s a very good supportive community in travel, with Trish a star at helping people along. I met some real enthusiasts at BritMums – and look forward to catching up with you in the not too distant – kind regards and good luck, Steve

    1. AnEssexWife Post author

      Thank you so much for taking to time to read and reply Steve – your session really was fantastic. I feel very inspired now and have a direction. Look forward to catching up with you too.

  10. Alice

    Well said! It was so lovely meeting you and I’m very keen for another All Bar One meetup before too long!! xxx

    1. AnEssexWife Post author

      Was fab to meet you (and not just as we share a name!) All Bar One reunion sounds great to me! x

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