My Britmums Live Outfit From Kaleidoscope

Its less than a week now till Britmums Live 2013…eeekk

I have been planning things for a while now.  It started with childcare arrangements to ensure I could go (silly Essex Husband is on a stag weekend), then securing a sponsor, looking at what sessions I wanted to attend and then, the most important planning of all, what on earth I am going to wear.

The lovely people over at Kaleidoscope have come to my rescue and are helping to send me to Britmums Live looking my very best in their wonderful clothes.

I have chosen an outfit that I hope will be smart/casual enough to have me effortless glide from day to evening looking the part of a serious blogger and soon to be journalism degree student (not that I have any idea what one of these should look like!).

Kaleidoscope offers a stylish range of ladies fashion, as well as home wares, online and through their catalogue.

Looking through site I was spoilt for choice. Such a lovely range of dresses, both formal and casual, suitable for all tastes and ages, and at prices to suit all budgets.

The website is really easy to navigate, a huge plus point for me when online shopping, and I love how all the items have multiple pictures, both on and off the models, so you can get a real feel for what the clothes will really look like on.  Having the ‘complete the look’ feature is also very consumer friendly especially if, like me, you struggle to visualise a whole outfit in your head.


I’ve gone for a Floral Print Dress teamed up with a tan Leather Bag and matching Cross-Over Sandals. I thought (almost) flat shoes would be best as I can remember the amount of time spent on my feet last year, and am thinking the dress is cute enough for daytime, but also dressy enough for the reception and awards ceremony.

Fashionistas? What do you think? Have I made the right choice?


Disclaimer – I have been given a clothing allowance from Kaleidoscope as part of a Britmums sponsorship package, but the outfit choice and options expressed are all my own.



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4 thoughts on “My Britmums Live Outfit From Kaleidoscope

  1. Lauren

    That’s a really pretty dress and I love the handbag.
    I’ve also gone for shoes with a very small wedge x


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