The Sisterly Bond


I have spoken before about being an only child, how I will never quite ‘get’ the bond my two girls have.


How can you love someone so much yet be so mean to them?  How can you be arguing over a toy one minute then cuddling each other to the point of smothering the next? How can you be best friends and arch rivals all at the same time?

I may never understand any of this, but what I do understand is that my beautiful two girls have a best friend and partner for life.

They will always have someone who understands them.

Who knows where they have come from, and who will support them wherever they go.

Someone to share private jokes with, that can be made with just a ‘look’.

Someone to pull them up when they are out of line, and to congratulate them when they reach their goals.

Who will tell them when they think their boyfriend is a douche, but who will always be there with tissues and chocolates when he breaks their heart.

Someone who has thier back in any fight, but also the sense and guidance to talk them down from the situation.

Who will cover for them when they stay out all night, but will have the sense to squeal if things get out of hand.

To be their bridesmaid, children’s auntie and support netowrk when their parents grow old.

They will always have each other.

And that is pretty damn special.





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2 thoughts on “The Sisterly Bond

  1. lucy at dear beautiful

    I am so fascinated and obsessed with watching the sibling bond. It’s just so amazing. I was thrilled when I had my second bubba that my two kids would get to have what my brother and I have, but I really wasn’t prepared for how early on I would see the their relationship. The way they love each other without question is just amazing. And I love to think that they will always have that partner throughout life, who will always “get” them and be there for them. x

  2. Angela

    This is lovely!
    My boys have a close bond, one minute they re cuddling the next they are arguing! What I love is that the first thing in the morning and last thing at night, they give each other kisses x


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